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Can you save

your kingdom

from the horrors

in this fast‑paced

retro arcade shooter?

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Keyboard Controls:

Walk Up/Down/Left/Right: WASD

Shoot Up/Down/Left/Right:

Berkserker Melee Attack: SPACE

Defeat the horrors to save your kingdom!

Imagine a world of rival medieval city states where dimly remembered legends of a glorious past of unity and co-operation have been replaced by fear and mistrust.

The need to maintain a large army to defend against the large armies of your neighbours has each state trapped in a cycle of poverty and stagnation.

But there may be a way out.

Beyond the borders of the Old Kingdom lie the Badlands, where magical wastelands and dark forests hide the ruins of civilizations that were already ancient when the Old Kingdom was young.

The Badlands are filled with treasure but those riches are jealously guarded by all manner of unspeakable horrors - no-one has been crazy or desperate enough to venture there for centuries.

Until now.

As the Ruler of one small city state you must head out to face the horrors. Better make sure you're well equipped.


or just play the game above.